When you agree to have your roof replaced with a trusted supplier do not pay large deposits. Council approvals and weather condition may mean it may take 4-8 weeks for your roof to be replaced from the date you engage your supplier. Your money is better in your safe keeping than in the hands of your supplier. A reputable supplier will not need a large deposit to carry out your supplier and WA consumer law only allows up to 6.5% Maximum deposit for Home Renovations. Make sure you pay little or no deposit to protect your hard earned cash from unscrupulous operators.

All home renovation works valued at $20,000 or more require the contractor to be a registered building practitioner. Without this, the warranty for your roof is likely to be void and the works inadequately insured. Only a registered builder can ensure your roof is structural sound.

A change of roof material requires a building license from the local authority. The local authority will ensure the supplier has adequate insurance for the works, and the selected material fits in with local planning requirement. Failure to obtain a building license could result in the local authority rejecting the selected material or colour and ordering the roofing material be changed.

If you are changing your roof material, or your original roof framing pre-dates current building standards your roof will require some structural upgrades and tie-downs. A reputable supplier will consult with a structural engineer and install the required structural upgrades and tie-downs to ensure your finished product not only looks great but is structural sound.

Your new roof is a long term investment to protect your biggest asset and it should last you decades. Make sure you use a provider with an established office, in the event you do need to have your roof assessed under warranty, providers without a public office may not be able to be located in the event of a warranty claim.