Asbestos Removal

In older homes asbestos was a popular choice in building material and roof cladding.

Asbestos roofs are difficult to maintain, can pose health issues for gutter cleaning, and can be problematic for other trades wanting to carryout maintenance on your home.

Asbestos removal should be handled by licensed, experienced professionals. Worksafe WA requires that businesses removing between 10m2 and 200m2 of bonded asbestos cement roof sheeting hold a restricted asbestos license. For over 200m2 a Class 3 Demolition License is required. Safeway is licensed with both a Restricted Asbestos License and Class 3 Demolition License. Furthermore we own specialized HEPA Filtered Hazardous Vacuum equipment to clean your ceiling void.

Although replacement of you asbestos roof may seem like a challenge, Safeway will make it easy, safe and ensure you have a quality, attractive, long lasting Zinc or Colourbond Roof on your home.